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A week-long road trip to South Iceland: the must-see!

Totally exotic land, Iceland has been on the rise for some years and tourists are flocking to this mysterious, wild island where nature is king.
Fjords, volcanoes, waterfalls, stretches as far as the eye can see, volcanic beach... Iceland is a
paradise for lovers of wide open spaces and extraordinary holidays, even if visitors are sometimes
very numerous on the main tourist sites.

By favouring certain schedules such as early morning, you will still be able to feel alone in the world, in the heart of an extraordinary nature.
Here are our tips for an unforgettable stay in Iceland.

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland

It is very likely that the Icelandic capital will be your first contact with Iceland. Fortunately, it is a very pretty city with a very Scandinavian atmosphere with its colourful houses, pretty cafés, street art in all the streets, the sea and mountains within easy reach.

In Reykjavik, you can visit Hallgrim Cathedral, a beautiful Lutheran church, admire the sculpture Solfar, "the sun traveller" who represents a Viking drakkar sailing towards the rising sun and who is the symbol of the city, see the magnificent Harpa Congress Centre whose 10,000 windows reflect the light (at sunset, it is superb) and the old port with its old whaling chimneys, boats designed for whaling.

The golden circle with Geysir, Kerið and Gullfoss

We can't go to Iceland without stopping in front of Geysir's spit. It is here that you can admire the most beautiful geysers, these geothermal reactions that blow an impressive stream of water sometimes 25 to 30 meters high. The site is very touristic but unavoidable, so much the show is breathtaking.
Kerið is a 6500 year old crater, you can walk around it from above and then near the water, to admire all its colours.

The entrance fee to Kerið is about €6.50.

In Gullfoss, change of landscape again with fantastic waterfalls. The site has been classified as a nature reserve since 1979.
The fall plunges into a canyon where you can safely descend. Bring waterproof jackets anyway, the foam of the waterfall lick the visitors very closely.


What a great waterfall this one is! Nearly 60 metres and a breathtaking view of the summit, which you can access via a staircase of nearly 400 steps.
Near Skógafoss, by a 4km stone path only accessible by foot, you can reach the wreck of the DC3 plane that is commonly seen on Instagram. Nearby still, a black sandy beach... a wonder that will give a mystical look to your photos!

These are some of the places not to be missed during a stay in Iceland that holds many surprises for its visitors.

Good to know:
* For French, Belgian or Swiss nationals, no visa is required to enter Iceland and you can stay 90 days on site with a valid identity card or passport.
* For all other nationalities, we advise you to check out this official website, the one of the immigration office:
* You can pick up your recreational vehicle in Calais and then drive to Iceland in complete serenity, thanks to Car-2-Europe Temporary Transit TT